Limited Edition UNLESS Biodegradable Work Shirt - RDJ Dream Cars: Lead

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The UNLESS Limited Edition Work Shirt pays homage to the wildly versatile classic utility shirt. Built to be buttoned up or worn wide open over a tee, this shirt is there for you in the workshop, the skate park or the beach.

Traditionally crafted in Portugal, this shirt is 100% plant-powered. That means the fabric, the tags and even the buttons are made from plants. Made from the elements, to be worn in the elements and ultimately returned to the elements. This is what a sustainable shirt should look and feel like.

Shipping in approximately 4-6 weeks and only within the United States.


Size: women XS / men XXS
Size: women XS / men XXS

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100% Light Weight Cotton Twill
Corozo Nut Buttons
Cotton thread, tags and binding tapes


Our buttons are made out of Corozo nuts instead of plastic. And, don’t worry – seeds that are picked before they fall aren’t ripe enough for button production, so there’s no deforestation business around here.

Every bit of this shirt, from fabric, buttons, labels, and sewing thread is made from plants and will decompose naturally at the end of its useful life.


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Front patch pockets
True to size fit
Zero plastic

Benefiting FootPrint Coalition

FootPrint Coalition was founded by Robert Downey Jr. in 2019 to accelerate technologies that will help create a future of sustainable abundance. Through nonprofit grants and advocacy, the Coalition supports the research, development, and adoption of scientific solutions to ensure human and planetary health. 
FootPrint Coalition's nonprofit, which advances research frontiers and promotes solutions, is the beneficiary of the RDJ Dream Car Sweepstakes.

Fast fashion will continue to cover the world in plastic… UNLESS

We're thrilled to be partnering on our apparel merchandise with UNLESS, a collective of innovators, engineers, artists, and activists challenging the status quo to become a regenerative force for good.

UNLESS makes plant based streetwear designed to leave zero plastic waste.

Every drop is created from the elements, for the elements, and designed to harmlessly return to the elements.

UNLESS is for everyone who feels strongly that what they wear says a lot about who they are and who doesn’t want to compromise their style to do what’s right for the planet.  We leave nothing and no one behind. ‍

Don’t feel bad, we got this.