Win one of six RDJ Dream Cars including Robert Downey Jr.’s Mercedes-Benz 280SE

The RDJ Dream Mercedes-Benz 280SE is special for many reasons. First and foremost it was Robert’s mother's car.

It is also special because the W111 series which Mercedes built from 1959-1971 was the last of truly hand made cars they built.

Powered by a 2.8L gas engine that produced 158hp the 280 SE’s had a leather and wood dashboard and leather seats. They were very exclusive and expensive.

It had more power. It seemed happy. It's like it got a new ticker. 

- Robert Downey Jr.

Engine Mod

Removed inline 6 cylinder 2.8l and installed a modern diesel engine converting the fuel system to biodiesel.

Installed custom lightweight wheels and tires to help improve the look, stance, and most importantly the gas mileage.

Water Cooler Mod

Installed synthetic suede like interior that has been recycled from plastic bottles. This product has the look and feel of genuine suede but is much more environmentally friendly.

Expert Partner

Charles Burnett, master technician and owner of KEM South in Monticello, GA. Known as ”The Diesel Guy” and an expert in all things diesel including making vehicles more environmentally friendly.


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