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Meet the Guy Who Restores Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Dream Cars’

Meet the Guy Who Restores Robert Downey Jr.’s ‘Dream Cars’

Viju Mathew, Robb Report

While the descriptor “renaissance man” is usually an overstatement, it could be an oversimplification when applied to Robert Downey Jr. The Oscar-nominated actor, known for his diverse breadth of roles on screen, is also an entrepreneur involved in projects as equally varied, from his new coffee company to venture capital group FootPrint Coalition focused on sustainability.

To help support the latter, the 58-year-old creative was steered back to his love of the automobile and partnered with a group of friends, including restoration specialist Chris Mazzilli. Their collective goal was to transform six vehicles into greener machines, document the process in the show Downey’s Dream Cars, and then sell them off to help fund environmental startups.

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