The entry period for Drawing #4 has closed and the winner of the 1966 Buick Riviera will be selected at the end of May.

This car's a future version of itself.

- Robert Downey Jr.

Engine Mod

Replaced the stock 425CI V8 Buick Nailhead with a first generation LS series hybrid engine/transmission in an attempt to improve the very poor gas mileage.

Replaced drum brakes with modern disc brake conversion.

Upgraded low/high beam headlights with LED lighting.

Custom wheels & tires

Water Cooler Mod

Installed the first of its kind prototype of “The Puck, "a new air quality sensor from Aclima that will allow Robert to gather real time air quality data anywhere he drives.

Expert Partner

Davida Herzl, Aclima co-founder & CEO explains ”The Puck” and exactly how it works now that it's installed on the Riviera.


Original MSRP


Modification Hours


Current Value

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