Win one of six RDJ Dream Cars including Robert Downey Jr.’s VW Bus

The RDJ Dream VW Kombi Bus is a 1972 13-window Brazilian-built Bus. This is important to note because in 1967 VW planned to make the new “Bay Window” Bus and shipped all the parts for the “Split Window” Bus to Brazil to continue production of the “Split Window” Buses until 1975.

The production quality of these Brazilian built buses was spotty at best. We replaced all of the body panels of the RDJ Dream VW Bus during its restoration.

Of all the conversions, it's the one that took to it the best.

- Robert Downey Jr.

Engine Mod

Replaced 1100 CC air-cooled engine with EV West electric motor conversion and custom battery rack.

Water Cooler Mod

Overall theme and feel was to create the ultimate beachgoing vehicle that’s environmentally friendly.

Custom built electric BBQ grill.

Built custom surfboard rack with a set of Firewire recycled material surfboards with original art by skateboarding legend Danny Minnick.

Expert Partner

Jehu Garcia, popular DIY YouTuber and pioneer in modifying electric vehicles and building them from scratch.


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