Win one of six RDJ Dream Cars including this K10 Pickup

The 1972 Chevrolet K10 Pickup was the last year for the the fourth generation Chevy Pickup series which started in 1967.

Known as the “Action Line”, new features included padded dash boards, energy-absorbing steering wheels and dual master-cylinder brake systems.

Engine options ranged from 6 cylinders and small and big block V8’s.

The RDJ Dream K10 short bed was heavily modified prior to receiving an electric drivetrain.

These guys took a gas-drinking, carbon-belching dragon of a vehicle and turned it into a stealth weapon capable of superhero feats of strength.

- Robert Downey Jr.

Engine Mod

Bucked the ”bigger is better” trend in modding these trucks and turned this into a full EV pickup with custom electric motor and battery set-up.

Water Cooler Mod

Converted a recycled Tesla drivetrain to work into this iconic classic pickup.

Expert Partner

Rich Benoit and his Electrified Garage team convert the K10 to EV.


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