Drawing #1 will soon make one lucky winner's dream come true , giving them the keys to Robert Downey Jr.’s K10 Pickup

Imagine having this power in your garage

The 1972 K10 was originally built to pull a measly 5,000 lb load but we electrified this monster to now take on 240,000 lbs (aka 120 tons)!

The before... and the after

We didn't just replace a gas-guzzling supercharged engine, automatic transmission, exhaust system, and fuel tank with a powerful, smooth-riding electric Tesla motor. We somehow managed to fit 16 battery modules for 85 kilowatts of energy storage into this feat of an eco-modification.

These guys took a gas-drinking, carbon-belching dragon of a vehicle and turned it into a stealth weapon capable of superhero feats of strength.

- Robert Downey Jr.

Engine Mod

Bucked the ”bigger is better” trend in modding these trucks and turned this into a full EV pickup with custom electric motor and battery set-up.

Water Cooler Mod

Converted a recycled Tesla drivetrain to work into this iconic classic pickup.

Expert Partner

Rich Benoit and his Electrified Garage team convert the K10 to EV.


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Modification Hours


Current Value

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